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The Echoing Green Analysis

Author: poem of William Blake Type: poem Views: 80

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The Sun does arise,

And make happy the skies.

The merry bells ring,

To welcome the Spring.

The sky-lark and thrush,

The birds of the bush,

Sing louder around,

To the bells cheerful sound.

While our sports shall be seen

On the Echoing Green.

Old John, with white hair

Does laugh away care,

Sitting under the oak,

Among the old folk.

They laugh at our play,

And soon they all say,

Such such were the joys

When we all girls & boys.

In our youth time were seen,

On the Echoing Green.

Till the little ones weary

No more can be merry

The sun does descend,

And our sports have an end:

Round the laps of their mothers.

Many sisters and brothers,

Like birds in their nest.

Are ready for rest;

And sport no more seen,

On the darkening Green.


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This poem has three stanzas and each one of them contains ten lines each. The rhyme scheme reads like a couplet. The stanzas reflect a transition from youth to the old age which finally leads to the end of a life. Though death is not mentioned here and it doesnot own any melancholic tone but it bears a serious note on how life begins and how to tends to become slowly.

| Posted on 2017-02-15 | by a guest

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-=Aman Khan=- The Echoing Green Summary
Many of William Blake’s short poems appear very simple, but there are hidden depths to his work, and his longer poems are extremely difficult. A child describes his cheerful games on a grassy space, called ‘The Echoing Green’ because the children’s cries echo over it. The sun rises up into the clear blue skies and brightens up the countryside into unbound joy and happiness. The merry bells probably from a nearby church, ringing for a holy day to welcome the beginning of spring. Here this season symbolizes the youth and the children. The hope of spring is marked by the loud songs sung by renowned birds like the sky-lark, the thrush and other birds of the bush. The ringing bells make all the children cheerful while they play care-freely on the green echoing meadow.
A prominent elderly person in the guise of Old John emerges in the scene with his white covered hair, gets rid of all his sorrow and worry by joyful laughter. Along with other old folks of the town, they would sit together under the shade of the great oak and laugh at the little children playing. Then they would all say that such and such were the joys of the little children they were girls and boys, once upon a time, till they were in the prime of their youth were seen on this echoing green.
Till the end of the day when the little ones become weary and no more merry-making can be enjoyed since by now the sun would have begun to descend in the western skies. All the sports and play have come to an end for the day and all the children are sitting on the laps of their mothers

| Posted on 2011-03-09 | by a guest

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From hte 1st few words, you could see that this was going to be a symbolic poem, an easy read, but have alot of maening behind it.Blake might be suggesting that we should try to get back in touch with nature, as everything in this verse is echoing with nature. This is emphasised when:
The sky lark and thrush,
The birds of the bush,
Sing louder around,
To the bells cheerful sound
This is indicates how both humans and birds share in the celebration of the new season as the bells are in harmony with the birdsong. Furthermore, this shows that the bells are inviting spring and that the bells werent to call people to church, instead it was inviting spring. The rhyming couplets are simple, but symbolic giving a harmony to the poem.
In the second verse hints that nature is important to all ages, young and old in the community that Blake depicts, as it says that Old John is:
Sitting under the oak
Among the old folk
Laughing at our play
This suggests that nature is very good to us, protecting the old people, as old John was sitting the oak. This also shows that if you get in touch with nature, youll be protected form you worries. Nature also provides a safe environment for children to play on. As we go back a verse we to see:

| Posted on 2009-11-12 | by a guest

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