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Hymn To Apollo Analysis

Author: poem of John Keats Type: poem Views: 10

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God of the golden bow,

      And of the golden lyre,

And of the golden hair,

      And of the golden fire,


            Of the patient year,

      Where---where slept thine ire,

When like a blank idiot I put on thy wreath,

      Thy laurel, thy glory,

      The light of thy story,

Or was I a worm---too low crawling for death?

      O Delphic Apollo!

The Thunderer grasp'd and grasp'd,

      The Thunderer frown'd and frown'd;

The eagle's feathery mane

      For wrath became stiffen'd---the sound

            Of breeding thunder

            Went drowsily under,

      Muttering to be unbound.

O why didst thou pity, and beg for a worm?

      Why touch thy soft lute

      Till the thunder was mute,

Why was I not crush'd---such a pitiful germ?

      O Delphic Apollo!

The Pleiades were up,

      Watching the silent air;

The seeds and roots in Earth

      Were swelling for summer fare;

            The Ocean, its neighbour,

            Was at his old labour,

      When, who---who did dare

To tie for a moment, thy plant round his brow,

      And grin and look proudly,

      And blaspheme so loudly,

And live for that honour, to stoop to thee now?

      O Delphic Apollo!


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