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Young Love Analysis

Author: Poetry of Andrew Marvell Type: Poetry Views: 1090

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Come little Infant, Love me now,

While thine unsuspected years

Clear thine aged Fathers brow

From cold Jealousie and Fears.

Pretty surely 'twere to see

By young Love old Time beguil'd:

While our Sportings are as free

As the Nurses with the Child.

Common Beauties stay fifteen;

Such as yours should swifter move;

Whole fair Blossoms are too green

Yet for lust, but not for Love.

Love as much the snowy Lamb

Or the wanton Kid does prize,

As the lusty Bull or Ram,

For his morning Sacrifice.

Now then love me: time may take

Thee before thy time away:

Of this Need wee'l Virtue make,

And learn Love before we may.

So we win of doubtful Fate;

And, if good she to us meant,

We that Good shall antedate,

Or, if ill, that Ill prevent.

Thus as Kingdomes, frustrating

Other Titles to their Crown,

In the craddle crown their King,

So all Forraign Claims to drown.

So, to make all Rivals vain,

Now I crown thee with my Love:

Crown me with thy Love again,

And we both shall Monarchs prove.


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.: anaysis :.

Andrew Marvell is saying in the first paragraph"come child, love me now, your innocence soothes me."
2nd paragraph: He refers to the child as young love and himself as old time. He's saying, "you charm me while we can enjoy whatever we want"

| Posted on 2008-04-22 | by a guest

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