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Three Oranges Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Bukowski Type: poem Views: 5

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first time my father overheard me listening to

this bit of music he asked me,

"what is it?"

"it's called Love For Three Oranges,"

I informed him.

"boy," he said, "that's getting it


he meant sex.

listening to it

I always imagined three oranges

sitting there,

you know how orange they can


so mightily orange.

maybe Prokofiev had meant

what my father


if so, I preferred it the

other way

the most horrible thing

I could think of

was part of me being

what ejaculated out of the

end of his

stupid penis.

I will never forgive him

for that,

his trick that I am stuck


I find no nobility in


I say kill the Father

before he makes more

such as


from ONTHEBUS - 1992


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In the beginning of the poem, the oranges are a burden and are associated with the grey cold day. At the end, after the candy store experience, they represent light, warmth and passion.

| Posted on 2010-12-14 | by a guest

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