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To A Locomotive In Winter Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 1973

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THEE for my recitative!

Thee in the driving storm, even as now--the snow--the winter-day


Thee in thy panoply, thy measured dual throbbing, and thy beat


Thy black cylindric body, golden brass, and silvery steel;

Thy ponderous side-bars, parallel and connecting rods, gyrating,

shuttling at thy sides;

Thy metrical, now swelling pant and roar--now tapering in the


Thy great protruding head-light, fix'd in front;

Thy long, pale, floating vapor-pennants, tinged with delicate purple;

The dense and murky clouds out-belching from thy smoke-stack;

Thy knitted frame--thy springs and valves--the tremulous twinkle of

thy wheels;10

Thy train of cars behind, obedient, merrily-following,

Through gale or calm, now swift, now slack, yet steadily careering:

Type of the modern! emblem of motion and power! pulse of the


For once, come serve the Muse, and merge in verse, even as here I see


With storm, and buffeting gusts of wind, and falling snow;

By day, thy warning, ringing bell to sound its notes,

By night, thy silent signal lamps to swing.

Fierce-throated beauty!

Roll through my chant, with all thy lawless music! thy swinging lamps

at night;

Thy piercing, madly-whistled laughter! thy echoes, rumbling like an

earthquake, rousing all!20

Law of thyself complete, thine own track firmly holding;

(No sweetness debonair of tearful harp or glib piano thine,)

Thy trills of shrieks by rocks and hills return'd,

Launch'd o'er the prairies wide--across the lakes,

To the free skies, unpent, and glad, and strong.


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| Posted on 2017-01-31 | by a guest

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"to a Locomotive in Winter"'s message is that Walt Whitman had a massive boner when he wrote this poem. You could hear it in the occasional groans. The "thee" and "thy" was his way of expressing it.

| Posted on 2015-04-16 | by a guest

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the author speaks about the train combined with strength and beauty, so talking about the parts of the train he shows the strength and beauty each part has.

| Posted on 2012-04-05 | by a guest

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The speaker sees beauty and is prasing it. the speaker is inflatuated with everything thing about it the way it looks and moves.

| Posted on 2010-04-06 | by a guest

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