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The Subalterns Analysis

Author: poem of Thomas Hardy Type: poem Views: 31

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"Poor wanderer," said the leaden sky,

     "I fain would lighten thee,

But there are laws in force on high

     Which say it must not be."


--"I would not freeze thee, shorn one," cried

     The North, "knew I but how

To warm my breath, to slack my stride;

     But I am ruled as thou."


--"To-morrow I attack thee, wight,"

     Said Sickness. "Yet I swear

I bear thy little ark no spite,

     But am bid enter there."


--"Come hither, Son," I heard Death say;

     "I did not will a grave

Should end thy pilgrimage to-day,

     But I, too, am a slave!"


We smiled upon each other then,

     And life to me had less

Of that fell look it wore ere when

     They owned their passiveness.


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Bearing that in mind, it\'s fairly easy to understand the final stanza. The human being says, \"We (the sky, the north wind, sickness, death, and I) all smiled at each other with a new sense of friendly understanding. Life seemed less horrible (that\'s what \"wore less/That fell contour\" means -- \"fell contour\" means \"horrifying shape\") than it used to seem before the four of them admitted that they had no control over what they were doing to me.\"

| Posted on 2011-05-28 | by a guest

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