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Menses Analysis

Author: poem of Edna St. Vincent Millay Type: poem Views: 5

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(He speaks, but to himself, being aware how it is with her)

Think not I have not heard.

Well-fanged the double word

And well-directed flew.

I felt it. Down my side

Innocent as oil I see the ugly venom slide:

Poison enough to stiffen us both, and all our friends;

But I am not pierced, so there the mischief ends.

There is more to be said: I see it coiling;

The impact will be pain.

Yet coil; yet strike again.

You cannot riddle the stout mail I wove

Long since, of wit and love.

As for my answer . . . stupid in the sun

He lies, his fangs drawn:

I will not war with you.

You know how wild you are. You are willing to be turned

To other matters; you would be grateful, even.

You watch me shyly. I (for I have learned

More things than one in our few years together)

Chafe at the churlish wind, the unseasonable weather.

"Unseasonable?" you cry, with harsher scorn

Than the theme warrants; "Every year it is the same!

'Unseasonable!' they whine, these stupid peasants!—and never

since they were born

Have they known a spring less wintry! Lord, the shame,

The crying shame of seeing a man no wiser than the beasts he


His skull as empty as a shell!"

("Go to. You are unwell.")

Such is my thought, but such are not my words.

"What is the name," I ask, "of those big birds

With yellow breast and low and heavy flight,

That make such mournful whistling?"


You answer primly, not a little cheered.

"Some people shoot them." Suddenly your eyes are wet

And your chin trembles. On my breast you lean,

And sob most pitifullly for all the lovely things that are not and

have been.

"How silly I am!—and I know how silly I am!"

You say; "You are very patient. You are very kind.

I shall be better soon. Just Heaven consign and damn

To tedious Hell this body with its muddy feet in my mind!"


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