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Homeric Interim Analysis

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Distance is money just out of reach,

a kindness like rain-laden clouds

that never drops its coins. Epochs

of fossilized trees crawl rusting hillside

strata: they smell like somewhere else

I've never been, an Anatolia

just outside the mind. Geometries

of travel and desire (from here to want

and back again), the myths of pleasure

reinvent another ancient world: oiled boys

racing naked around the circular walls

of Troy to find out who will wear

the plaited wreath, parade painted circuits

of unburnt parapets waving

to the crowds. See, even night

adores him, dresses him in its moon

and apparition. The sheen of intention

is on him, translates his motions

into marble, alabaster. (Cassandra

wakes and says There isn't going to be

a Trojan war
. Centuries of fossil speech

fill up the space that comes after

currently, years spent talking

to paper.) Man and moment

become one, his reliquary skin

makes white occur (by now

the sweat has faded from his garish

details). The things his hands become

act out interruption, history

is his story, held at bay. He wears time

on his body (wears it out), chases gods

from mountaintops until the myth-smoke

clears. His old world's blurred

and hard to read, misunderstanding

becomes a place: galley

run aground on shallow skin

the color of no event.


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