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You're Analysis

Author: poem of Sylvia Plath Type: poem Views: 23

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Clownlike, happiest on your hands,

Feet to the stars, and moon-skulled,

Gilled like a fish. A common-sense

Thumbs-down on the dodo's mode.

Wrapped up in yourself like a spool,

Trawling your dark, as owls do.

Mute as a turnip from the Fourth

Of July to All Fools' Day,

O high-riser, my little loaf.

Vague as fog and looked for like mail.

Farther off than Australia.

Bent-backed Atlas, our traveled prawn.

Snug as a bud and at home

Like a sprat in a pickle jug.

A creel of eels, all ripples.

Jumpy as a Mexican bean.

Right, like a well-done sum.

A clean slate, with your own face on.


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The title \'You\'re\' can be added onto each line of the poem, making the form (free verse) perhaps less chaotic. Plath makes use of interesting comparisons through using metaphors and imagery that relates to how she feels about the unborn child, not how the rest of the world would view the baby making the poem have a more personal deeper meaning.

| Posted on 2013-06-05 | by a guest

.: :.

You\'re is a poem about Plath being pregnant. It uses a lot of metaphors to the describe the baby and its actions. For example \"Jumpy as a Mexican bean\" this describes the baby as really hyper.

| Posted on 2013-03-11 | by a guest

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‘you’re’ by Plath, expresses the ambivalence within the relationship between Plath and her unborn child. Once again, Plath brings up the moral issues of patriarchal roles within society, where Plath objects to women being oppressed to dedicate themselves to their homes and families, neglecting the woman’s ambitions, reducing her person’s potentials in life. the use of at metaphor, \'moon-skulled\', referrs back to other poems written by plath, where the moon connoted death and darkness. however, in relation to this piece of Plath\'s work, moon-skulled coud be a simple description of the foetus\'s bulbus head during development, the abnormality of the unborn child\'s form leads plath to descprbe it as many things, shuch a \'fish\' she describes it as \'gilled\' indicating it related colser to an alien or hilighting the fact that in the womb, the foetus is surrounnded in amniotic fluid, creating a negative image for the reader.
Lucy x

| Posted on 2012-10-28 | by a guest

.: :.

you\'re is a poem where Plath - the writer writes to her unborn child within her. the title - you\'re is a contraction of you and are which is a connotation of what you get during pregnancy. the peom has 9 lines and every stanza and these 9 nines represent the 9 lines of pregnancy. every line in the first stanza has 7 syllables, and the second stanza has 8 sylobles in every line. these sylables are used to portray the time in which Plath was in her pregnancy. although it is not evident it is strongly convayed thar plath was at her 7th month of pregnancy when she wrote the first stanza, and 8th month of pregnancy when she wrote her second stanza.
hope this helped :)

| Posted on 2012-05-10 | by a guest

.: :.

Nyan nyan, nyan nyan, ni hao nyan. Gorgeous, delicious and deculture! ;D

| Posted on 2011-12-13 | by a guest

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