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Wedding Wind Analysis

Author: poem of Philip Larkin Type: poem Views: 6

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The wind blew all my wedding-day,

And my wedding-night was the night of the high wind;

And a stable door was banging, again and again,

That he must go and shut it, leaving me

Stupid in candlelight, hearing rain,

Seeing my face in the twisted candlestick,

Yet seeing nothing. When he came back

He said the horses were restless, and I was sad

That any man or beast that night should lack

The happiness I had.

                        Now in the day

All's ravelled under the sun by the wind's blowing.

He has gone to look at the floods, and I

Carry a chipped pail to the chicken-run,

Set it down, and stare. All is the wind

Hunting through clouds and forests, thrashing

My apron and the hanging cloths on the line.

Can it be borne, this bodying-forth by wind

Of joy my actions turn on, like a thread

Carrying beads? Shall I be let to sleep

Now this perpetual morning shares my bed?

Can even death dry up

These new delighted lakes, conclude

Our kneeling as cattle by all-generous waters?


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.: :.

The wedding wind is nothing but this is the story about two people in fist night story .it is not complete . Why the fist night wasn\'t complete? what is the problem? These are the wind(rain) the window, the restless horses , the husband sense in the fist night ., there are the mean matter of the poem.,these matter\'s are in the fist night. After morning he is went to land to sees the floods. Wife is asking the wind to question..this the plot of the poem..

| Posted on 2012-03-22 | by a guest

.: :.

I am sorry but the previous post simply reflects the poem on a very superficial level, Philip Larkin was against marriage and these negative undertones are shown in the poem, furthermore you failed to mention the sexual awakening the women felt 'night of the high wind' and how her identy was lost through marriage 'seeing my face in the twisted candlestick, yet seeing nothing'. Other than these missed out comments your analysis doeas show some could points and one would need to include both sides at a GCSE level in order to achieve high marks

| Posted on 2010-05-23 | by a guest

.: :.

this is rubbish.. you shud try harder cos this is lame..

| Posted on 2010-01-07 | by a guest

.: Explanation :.

The woman in this is shows that wind to her is a new begining. The first stanza is the wedding night. She is ecstatic about being a married woman and likes all thought of what comes with married life.
"He said that the horse were restless, and i was sad
That any man or beast that night should lack
The happiness I had"
This shows that she she is so happy and cannot understand why anyone or any thing could not be.
In the second stanza is the first day of being married and now that life is going to carry on like normal, but feels a change and is happy to do her chores. She feels like she knows her life is clear to her now. Also the romance and excitement is not letting her sleep and feels as if it never will let her sleep. She also feels immortal and like nothing could change the happiness she feels not even death.

| Posted on 2007-10-08 | by a guest

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