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To a Lady Analysis

Author: Poetry of Mary Barber Type: Poetry Views: 194

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Well you Sincerity display,

A virtue wond'rous rare !

Nor value, tho' the world should say,

You're rude, so you're sincere.

To be sincere, then, give me leave ;

And I will frankly own,

Since you but this one virtue have,

'Twere better you had none.


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Good win last night Josh and great game from you. Another game won by a buzzer betaer. Welcome back JoJo! I missed the game live last night but I did watch on TV. I will be back for the game tomorrow night. This season has had so many exciting moments and. I am proud to call myself a Hawks fan.I read your article in Sports Illustrated and it was great. I also saw where you are going to be on All Access with Ahmad Rashad next week. You are just doing it BIG. But that is what you do, right?Hope to hear from you soon so you can let us know how things are going. How's the hip? BTW, what NCAA team do you have winning it all this year? x x

| Posted on 2014-03-06 | by a guest

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Yes new jersey is very bonirg my aunt lives there and I dreed visiting her everytime I have to go. Well I look very forward to seeing you guys act up tonight. That shouldn't be hard since you guys are are playing the nets haha. are you going for 11 assist tonight and I want a crazy dunk. I am so upset I will miss the Sunday game vs the spurs. I know its going to be crazy good.I leave to go to disney for 4 days thurs so I can't watch. Yeah but tell chris bosh its on haha he went to ga tech so he already know about the A and smoove. Anyways play your heart out tonight and show that the hawks are still the truth even without joe. Luv ya lots

| Posted on 2014-03-05 | by a guest

.: :.

Hi Josh,A shame that loss against TOR. Another 4th qurtaer meltdown I know I am a pain and that you have probably heard this a million times:1. You should work on your boxing out technique in order to rely less on your athleticism;2. Maybe just maybe you should try to take those jump shots a bit closer to the basket and in rhythm instead of with your feet set (receive the pass, make one dribble closer to the rim and pop).3. You should try to finish with more authority at the rim: you should work on your jump with the two feet set (as Nique did).Keep up with the good work, our success depends a lot from what you bring.PS: Tell Woody to rest the starters a bit more during the second half It's pointless to build a 10 point lead 2 minutes into the 4th if you guys are tired down stretch and don't manage to hold on to it

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

.: :.

good game at toronto easy to watch t.v. and tell yall wat codlua shoulda been but good game i played ball for a many years and we always drove the ball when ahead and either got a layup OR ended up at the stripe aka line aka free throws ..and statistically won 97 percent of our games when up 1 or more points in the second half and hey im not in the NBA nor am i coaching or pointing fingers because i been a true hawks fan since wilkins , willis , rollins , doc rivers , konkac , and throughout ALL the years . im a seaon ticket holder and u are an excellent aware player .. good luck in the playoffs see u there and 1st and foremost stay safe!

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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