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America the Beautiful Analysis

Author: Poetry of Katharine Lee Bates Type: Poetry Views: 676

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1O beautiful for spacious skies,

2For amber waves of grain,

3For purple mountain majesties

4Above the fruited plain!

5America! America!

6God shed His grace on thee

7And crown thy good with brotherhood

8From sea to shining sea!

9O beautiful for pilgrim feet,

10Whose stern, impassioned stress

11A thoroughfare for freedom beat

12Across the wilderness!

13America! America!

14God mend thine every flaw,

15Confirm thy soul in self-control,

16Thy liberty in law!

17O beautiful for heroes proved

18In liberating strife,

19Who more than self their country loved,

20And mercy more than life!

21America! America!

22May God thy gold refine,

23Till all success be nobleness,

24And every gain divine!

25O beautiful for patriot dream

26That sees beyond the years

27Thine alabaster cities gleam

28Undimmed by human tears!

29America! America!

30God shed His grace on thee

31And crown thy good with brotherhood

32From sea to shining sea!


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