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A Crazed Girl Analysis

Author: poem of William Butler Yeats Type: poem Views: 21

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That crazed girl improvising her music.

Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,

Her soul in division from itself

Climbing, falling She knew not where,

Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship,

Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declare

A beautiful lofty thing, or a thing

Heroically lost, heroically found.

No matter what disaster occurred

She stood in desperate music wound,

Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph

Where the bales and the baskets lay

No common intelligible sound

But sang, 'O sea-starved, hungry sea.'


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It's about a girl in the world. Alive. Striving. For she knows not what. The rapture of being alive. Wanting to be true to her own spirit. To be connected to the divine and drunk with devotion. A girl, being alive. In the world. Knowing that convention did not quell her soul, and that the conformity of culture was something she had to hide from, to live in the mystery and be true to herself no matter if it got her no where but lost. But found as a truly alive person. That crazed girl....may we all be graced by one, who is not easy, but is awake to the true nature of life itself.

| Posted on 2016-01-11 | by a guest

.: :.

I think the poem was about a girl who had had a very hard life and whose sanity was slipping away. She clang to music and dancing in desperation, using it as a type of fantasy world to get away from her problems. Hope I helped. :)

| Posted on 2014-02-02 | by a guest

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I thought it was about the fading of the mind. A lot of Yeats\'s poems focus on the idea of aging and the changing of human perspective. I figured it was about the oblivious delusions of a child who can\'t even see her own pain or comprehend where she is. Then, when she addresses the sea, I thought that she was imagining that the sounds of the ocean was communication to her.

| Posted on 2011-03-10 | by a guest

.: :.

i Dont understand some of it and wondered if anyone could help me with an analysis or something :)

| Posted on 2009-12-09 | by a guest

.: :.

I thoughjt that the poem was sad and boring
PS get a life

| Posted on 2009-03-12 | by a guest

.: :.

the poem was so beautiful it reminded me of my childhood, it reminded me of reading to animals

| Posted on 2009-03-12 | by a guest

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this peom is so tuching that when i read it i droped the book and cryed i hope you have the same effect

| Posted on 2009-03-12 | by a guest

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