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this evangelist... (XXIX) Analysis

Author: poem of e.e. cummings Type: poem Views: 16

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this evangelist

buttons with his big gollywog voice

the kingdomofheaven up behind and crazily

skating thither and hither in filthy sawdust

chucks and rolls

against the tent his thick joggling fists

he is persuasive

the editor cigarstinking hobgoblin swims

upward in his swivelchair one fist dangling scandal while

five other fingers snitch

rapidly through mist a defunct king as

linotypes gobblehobble

our lightheavy twic twoc ingly attacks

landing a onetwo

which doubles up suddenly his bunged hinging

victim against the

giving ropes amid

screams of deeply bulging thousands

i too omit one kelly

in response to howjedooze the candidate's new silk

lid bounds gently from his baldness

a smile masturbates softly in the vacant

lot of his physiognomy

his scientifically pressed trousers ejaculate spats

a strinkingly succulent getup


we knew a muffhunter and he said to us Kid.

daze nutn like it.


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