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Village Don Juan Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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Lord, I'm grey, my face is run,

But by old Harry, I've had my fun;

And all about, I seem to see

Lads and lassies that look like me;

Ice-blue eyes on every hand,

Handsomest youngsters in the land.

"Old Stud Horse" they say of me,

But back of my beard I laugh with glee.

Far and wide have I sown my seed,

Yet by the gods I've improved the breed:

From byre and stable to joiner's bench,

From landlord's daughter to serving wench.

Ice-blue eyes and blade-straight nose,

Stamp of my virile youth are those;

Now you'll see them on every side,

Proof of my powers, far and wide:

Even the parson' handsome scamp,

And the Doctor's daughter have my stamp.

Many a matron cocks an eye

Of secret knowledge as I pass by;

As for the hubbies, what they don't know

Will never hurt them, so let them go:

The offspring most they seem to prize

Have blade-straight noses and ice-blue byes.

Yet oh, I have a haunting dread

Brother and sister lust the bed;

The Parson's and the Doctor's lass,

Yestreen in the moon I saw them pass;

The thought of them wed is like a knife. . . .

Brother and sister - man and wife.


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