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When The Lamp Is Shattered Analysis

Author: Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley Type: Poetry Views: 831

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When the lamp is shattered,

The light in the dust lies dead;

When the cloud is scattered,

The rainbow's glory is shed;

When the lute is broken,

Sweet tones are remembered not;

When the lips have spoken,

Loved accents are soon forgot.

As music and splendor

Survive not the lamp and the lute,

The heart's echoes render

No song when the spirit is mute:--

No song but sad dirges,

Like the wind through a ruined cell,

Or the mournful surges

That ring the dead seaman's knell.

When hearts have once mingled,

Love first leaves the well-built nest;

The weak one is singled

To endure what it once possessed.

O Love! who bewailest

The frailty of all things here,

Why choose you the frailest

For your cradle, your home, and your bier?

Its passions will rock thee,

As the storms rock the ravens on high;

Bright reason will mock thee,

Like the sun from a wintry sky.

From thy nest every rafter

Will rot, and thine eagle home

Leave thee naked to laughter,

When leaves fall and cold winds come.


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this is the poem that i will read and interpret in the incoming finals of our english4 class!!!
here is my brief introduction!!!
“Happiness is not a word, it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment- it is a result” The best key that unlocks the world of happiness from the chain of failures and frustrations is love. Love is the happy side of needing. It tickles the heart which makes our life worth living. In fact some says life is all about love. Yet, sometimes things just happen out of our control that might ruin our life from being meaningful into mournful. So, the best way to love is anything in order to attain happiness is to realize that it might be lost.
i do not know if it fits the poem but i try my best in making such introduction!!!
to sum it up, the poem was written by percy in expressing his feeling about the loss of a beloved woman's affection!!! it is all about the effects when you have it and its cruelty when you lose it!!!
i think what he is trying to say is that "when love is missing, life is not worth living!!!
i like this poem!!!
Comment me at

| Posted on 2009-03-14 | by a guest

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