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Penis Envy Analysis

Author: poem of Erica Jong Type: poem Views: 5

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I envy men who can yearn

with infinite emptiness

toward the body of a woman,

hoping that the yearning

will make a child,

that the emptiness itself

will fertilize the darkness.

Women have no illusions about this,

being at once

houses, tunnels,

cups & cupbearers,

knowing emptiness as a temporary state

between two fullnesses,

& seeing no romance in it.

If I were a man

doomed to that infinite emptiness,

& having no choice in the matter,

I would, like the rest, no doubt,

find a woman

& christen her moonbelly,

madonna, gold-haired goddess

& make her the tent of my longing,

the silk parachute of my lust,

the blue-eyed icon of my sacred sexual itch,

the mother of my hunger.

But since I am a woman,

I must not only inspire the poem

but also type it,

not only conceive the child

but also bear it,

not only bear the child

but also bathe it,

not only bathe the child

but also feed it,

not only feed the child

but also carry it

everywhere, evertwhere...

while men write poems

on the mysteries of motherhood.

I envy men who can yearn

with infinite emptiness

Submitted by sasha


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