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Stuffed Analysis

Author: poem of Carol Ann Duffy Type: poem Views: 16

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I put two yellow peepers in an owl.

Wow. I fix the grin of Crocodile.

Spiv. I sew the slither of an eel.

I jerk, kick-start, the back hooves of a mule.

Wild. I hold the red rag to a bull.

Mad. I spread the feathers of a gull.

I screw a tight snarl to a weasel.

Fierce. I stitch the flippers on a seal.

Splayed. I pierce the heartbeat of a quail.

I like her to be naked and to kneel.

Tame. My motionless, my living doll.

Mute. And afterwards I like her not to tell.

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The poem could be a representation or domination and submission. Three ideas come to mind,
1)A person that is very vain and very sexual thinks that they are a gift to all people and uses that power to control people as and how they want them.
2)Duffy could be writing from a pre-coming out stage to her lesbian life, homosexuality to many people is shameful so she has these lesbian experiences secretly, hence the line "and afterwards I like her not to tell"
3)As the poem seems to be about a taxidermist then leaps to sex, a taxidermist deals with deceased, shapes them etc.. the poem could be about necrophilia, as the women have no voice, shows no strain or need to get away.
Either way the poem is about the domination a person can have over another.
Just some ideas that I came up with doing my work.

| Posted on 2014-01-20 | by a guest

.: :.

Poem juxtaposes the elements which make other animals "alive" indicating that they are living, for example, an owl's eyes,the feathers of a gull with the creation of an inanimate object; a stuffed doll.
Poem also has an element of sexuality to it as well as hint of violence, a sense of violation. The doll is subjected to the will of its maker, just as all aimals must submit to the will of God, and the manipualtion of man.

| Posted on 2009-05-07 | by a guest

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