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Legend Analysis

Author: poem of Hart Crane Type: poem Views: 16

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As silent as a mirror is believed

Realities plunge in silence by . . .

I am not ready for repentance;

Nor to match regrets.  For the moth

Bends no more than the still

Imploring flame.  And tremorous

In the white falling flakes

Kisses are,--

The only worth all granting.

It is to be learned--

This cleaving and this burning,

But only by the one who

Spends out himself again.

Twice and twice

(Again the smoking souvenir,

Bleeding eidolon!) and yet again.

Until the bright logic is won

Unwhispering as a mirror

Is believed.

Then, drop by caustic drop, a perfect cry

Shall string some constant harmony,--

Relentless caper for all those who step

The legend of their youth into the noon.

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I am new to Hart Crane but I think I have a solid theory as to the meaning of this piece. In short, he is saying that legends come from nostalgia, and that in our sentimental way of reflecting on ourself we glorify the past- "Then, drop by caustic drop, a perfect cry / Shall string some constant harmony"... these lines, coupled with his reluctance to repent, make the case that in trying to make sense, or as he puts it "the bright logic is won", of the past we put the pieces together in a way that makes ourselves look better, happier, or more heroic than we actually were.
In short, as we grow older we make out the past to be better than it was.

| Posted on 2015-01-09 | by a guest

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