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The Lunger Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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Jack would laugh an' joke all day;

Never saw a lad so gay;

Singin' like a medder lark,

Loaded to the Plimsoll mark

With God's sunshine was that boy;

Had a strangle-holt on Joy.

Held his head 'way up in air,

Left no callin' cards on Care;

Breezy, buoyant, brave and true;

Sent his sunshine out to you;

Cheerfulest when clouds was black --

     Happy Jack! Oh, Happy Jack!

Sittin' in my shack alone

I could hear him in his own,

Singin' far into the night,

Till it didn't seem just right

One man should corral the fun,

Live his life so in the sun;

Didn't seem quite natural

Not to have a grouch at all;

Not a trouble, not a lack --

     Happy Jack! Oh, Happy Jack!

He was plumbful of good cheer

Till he struck that low-down year;

Got so thin, so little to him,

You could most see day-light through him.

Never was his eye so bright,

Never was his cheek so white.

Seemed as if somethin' was wrong,

Sort o' quaver in his song.

Same old smile, same hearty voice:

"Bless you, boys! let's all rejoice!"

But old Doctor shook his head:

"Half a lung," was all he said.

Yet that half was surely right,

For I heard him every night,

Singin', singin' in his shack --

     Happy Jack! Oh, Happy Jack!

Then one day a letter came

Endin' with a female name;

Seemed to get him in the neck,

Sort o' pile-driver effect;

Paled his lip and plucked his breath,

Left him starin' still as death.

Somethin' had gone awful wrong,

Yet that night he sang his song.

Oh, but it was good to hear!

For there clutched my heart a fear,

So that I quaked listenin'

Every night to hear him sing.

But each day he laughed with me,

An' his smile was full of glee.

Nothin' seemed to set him back --

     Happy Jack! Oh, Happy Jack!

Then one night the singin' stopped . . .

Seemed as if my heart just flopped;

For I'd learned to love the boy

With his gilt-edged line of joy,

With his glorious gift of bluff,

With his splendid fightin' stuff.

Sing on, lad, and play the game!

O dear God! . . . no singin' came,

But there surged to me instead --

Silence, silence, deep and dread;

Till I shuddered, tried to pray,

Said: "He's maybe gone away."

Oh, yes, he had gone away,

Gone forever and a day.

But he'd left behind him there,

In his cabin, pinched and bare,

His poor body, skin and bone,

His sharp face, cold as a stone.

An' his stiffened fingers pressed

Somethin' bright upon his breast:

Locket with a silken curl,

Poor, sweet portrait of a girl.

Yet I reckon at the last

How defiant-like he passed;

For there sat upon his lips

Smile that death could not eclipse;

An' within his eyes lived still

Joy that dyin' could not kill.

An' now when the nights are long,

How I miss his cheery song!

How I sigh an' wish him back!

     Happy Jack! Oh, Happy Jack!


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