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Gorgeous Surfaces Analysis

Author: poem of Thomas Lux Type: poem Views: 12

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They are, the surfaces, gorgeous: a master

pastry chef at work here, the dips and whorls,

the wrist-twist

squeezes of cream from the tube

to the tart, sweet bleak sugarwork, needlework

toward the perfect lace doily

where sit the bone-china teacups, a little maze

of meaning maybe in their arrangement

sneaky obliques, shadow

allusives all piling

atop one another. Textures succulent but famished,

banal, bereft. These surfaces,

these flickering patinas,

through which,

if you could drill, or hack,

or break a trapdoor latch, if you could penetrate

these surfaces' milky cataracts, you

would drop,


like a hope chest full of lead

to nowhere, no place, a dry-wind, sour,

nada place,

and you would keep dropping,

tumbling, slow

motion, over and over for one day, six days, fourteen

decades, eleven centuries (a long time

falling to fill a zero) and in that time

not a leaf, no rain,

not a single duck, nor hearts, not one human, nor sleep,

nor grace, nor graves--falling

to where the bottom, finally, is again the surface,

which is gorgeous, of course,

which is glue, saw- and stone-dust,

which is blue-gray

ice, which is

the barely glinting grit

of abyss.


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