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Telephoning In Mexican Sunlight Analysis

Author: poem of Galway Kinnell Type: poem Views: 12

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Talking with my beloved in New York

I stood at the outdoor public telephone

in Mexican sunlight, in my purple shirt.

Someone had called it a man/woman

shirt. The phrase irked me. But then

I remembered that Rainer Maria

Rilke, who until he was seven wore

dresses and had long yellow hair,

wrote that the girl he almost was

"made her bed in his ear" and "slept him the world."

I thought, OK this shirt will clothe the other in me.

As we fell into long-distance love talk

a squeaky chittering started up all around,

and every few seconds came a sudden loud

buzzing. I half expected to find

the insulation on the telephone line

laid open under the pressure of our talk

leaking low-frequency noises.

But a few yards away a dozen hummingbirds,

gorgets going drab or blazing

according as the sun struck them,

stood on their tail rudders in a circle

around my head, transfixed

by the flower-likeness of the shirt.

And perhaps also by a flush rising into my face,

for a word -- one with a thick sound,

as if a porous vowel had sat soaking up

saliva while waiting to get spoken,

possibly the name of some flower

that hummingbirds love, perhaps

"honeysuckle" or "hollyhock"

or "phlox" -- just then shocked me

with its suddenness, and this time

apparently did burst the insulation,

letting the word sound in the open

where all could hear, for these tiny, irascible,

nectar-addicted puritans jumped back

all at once, as if the air gasped.


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When first setting up the ipohne 4, is it best to set it as a new phone or do a restore from old 3gs phone? If I set it as a new phone, how do I Bring across music/ contacts from previous 3gs setup?Cheers.(crp_nz has made 14 comments)

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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maybe not--so much depends on the curclruium, the state test, the period (few kids interested at 7:45 AM)--but thanks for the thought.I loved my favorite teacher, a chem teacher, but there were days I'd much rather be anywhere else than in a classroom.@Kate,I love that poem. Every time I think I might have a favorite Kinnell poem, I read another, then get confused.I heard him read years ago. A group of us formed The High Spark of Low Heeled Boys while undergrads, pushed on by a professor. We managed to get Kinnell to come, as well as a couple of other poets, but ended up in the red, owing money.We had no clue about running a reading, but Mr. Kinnell was unbelievably gracious about it, despite have flown to Ann Arbor to give the reading. His voice is as powerful as his words. A wonderful man. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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Mine was originally marekd as going to Christchurch when it should've been coming to Wellington, a quick phone call to TNT sorted that out. Seems China has a problem with post codes and towns.I would definitely give TNT a call, just to be sure.(mrs_kiwi has made 89 comments)

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Personally I would start fresh, that's just me though. If you set it up as new there are no shutrcots, you will need to set up as new and re-sync everything from iTunes. If you haven't got contacts on Exchange/MobileMe/Gmail or some other format that auto syncs with a server then you will more than likely lose them. It can be a fairly long process and if you don't have server syncing of Contacts/Calendars etc etc then you may lose them (fortunately for me I use Exchange, Gmail and MobileMe so it was quite painless)(Daniel Burgess has made 613 comments)

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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