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End, Middle, Beginning Analysis

Author: poem of Anne Sexton Type: poem Views: 8

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There was an unwanted child.

Aborted by three modern methods

she hung on to the womb,

hooked onto I

building her house into it

and it was to no avail,

to black her out.

At her birth

she did not cry,

spanked indeed,

but did not yell--

instead snow fell out of her mouth.

As she grew, year by year,

her hair turned like a rose in a vase,

and bled down her face.

Rocks were placed on her to keep

the growing silent,

and though they bruised,

they did not kill,

though kill was tangled into her beginning.

They locked her in a football

but she merely curled up

and pretended it was a warm doll's house.

They pushed insects in to bite her off

and she let them crawl into her eyes

pretending they were a puppet show.

Later, later,

grown fully, as they say,

they gave her a ring,

and she wore it like a root

and said to herself,

"To be not loved is the human condition,"

and lay like a stature in her bed.

Then once,

by terrible chance,

love took her in his big boat

and she shoveled the ocean

in a scalding joy.



love seeped away,

the boat turned into paper

and she knew her fate,

at last.

Turn where you belong,

into a deaf mute

that metal house,

let him drill you into no one.


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