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L'Escargot D'Or Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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O Tavern of the Golden Snail!

Ten sous have I, so I'll regale;

Ten sous your amber brew to sip

(Eight for the bock and two the tip),

And so I'll sit the evening long,

And smoke my pipe and watch the throng,

The giddy crowd that drains and drinks,

I'll watch it quiet as a sphinx;

And who among them all shall buy

For ten poor sous such joy as I?

As I who, snugly tucked away,

Look on it all as on a play,

A frolic scene of love and fun,

To please an audience of One.

O Tavern of the Golden Snail!

You've stuff indeed for many a tale.

All eyes, all ears, I nothing miss:

Two lovers lean to clasp and kiss;

The merry students sing and shout,

The nimble garcons dart about;

Lo! here come Mimi and Musette

With: "S'il vous plait, une cigarette?"

Marcel and Rudolf, Shaunard too,

Behold the old rapscallion crew,

With flowing tie and shaggy head . . .

Who says Bohemia is dead?

Oh shades of Murger! prank and clown,

And I will watch and write it down.

O Tavern of the Golden Snail!

What crackling throats have gulped your ale!

What sons of Fame from far and near

Have glowed and mellowed in your cheer!

Within this corner where I sit

Banville and Coppée clashed their wit;

And hither too, to dream and drain,

And drown despair, came poor Verlaine.

Here Wilde would talk and Synge would muse,

Maybe like me with just ten sous.

Ah! one is lucky, is one not?

With ghosts so rare to drain a pot!

So may your custom never fail,

O Tavern of the Golden Snail!


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