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when hair falls off and eyes blur And... (L) Analysis

Author: poem of e.e. cummings Type: poem Views: 22

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when hair falls off and eyes blur And

thighs forget(when clocks whisper

and night shouts)When minds

shrivel and hearts grow brittler every

Instant(when of a morning Memory stands,

with clumsily wilted fingers

emptying youth colour and what was

into a dirtied glass)Pills for Ills

(a recipe against Laughing Virginity Death)


then dearest the

way trees are made leaves

open Clouds take sun mountains

stand And oceans do Not sleep matters

nothing;then(then the only hands so to speak are

they always which creep budgingly over some

numbered face capable of a largest nonglance the

least unsmile

or whatever weeds feel and fish think of)


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Hey, this is good news because I senigd up for your newsletter after you had sent this out. It's a beautiful mini and the preview of the maxi looks great, too. Thanks for the chance!

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, as new editor, I notecid that the October Mailbox notification is somewhat buried (though not impossible to reach); I will try to clean this up, but I do not anticipate any problems as we are receiving submissions at this time. I was able to make the connection by typing mailbox into the search field and was able to get into the mailbox function easily enough. This should help and if it doesn't please let me know. thanks. x x

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I'm so fascinated with your books. They are azmiang i just read two books in almost 4 days. I've read all the Bitch Series and when i say i read those books and can not put the books down that's exactly how it is. I applaud you and i really can't wait for the next book. i'm about to start reading some of your other books because i know you'd never let me down. i appreciate all the effort and things you put in your writing . Your truly appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm very thankful to have been teunrd on to your blog. I love the exposure to all these things outside my little world. I now have an shortcut on my desktop for quickly getting to the site. Thanks so much for the sffort you both put into making this such a great place to visit.

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