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The Journey Analysis

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Anghiari is medieval, a sleeve sloping down

A steep hill, suddenly sweeping out

To the edge of a cliff, and dwindling.

But far up the mountain, behind the town,

We too were swept out, out by the wind,

Alone with the Tuscan grass.

Wind had been blowing across the hills

For days, and everything now was graying gold

With dust, everything we saw, even

Some small children scampering along a road,

Twittering Italian to a small caged bird.

We sat beside them to rest in some brushwood,

And I leaned down to rinse the dust from my face.

I found the spider web there, whose hinges

Reeled heavily and crazily with the dust,

Whole mounds and cemeteries of it, sagging

And scattering shadows among shells and wings.

And then she stepped into the center of air

Slender and fastidious, the golden hair

Of daylight along her shoulders, she poised there,

While ruins crumbled on every side of her.

Free of the dust, as though a moment before

She had stepped inside the earth, to bathe herself.

I gazed, close to her, till at last she stepped

Away in her own good time.

Many men

Have searched all over Tuscany and never found

What I found there, the heart of the light

Itself shelled and leaved, balancing

On filaments themselves falling. The secret

Of this journey is to let the wind

Blow its dust all over your body,

To let it go on blowing, to step lightly, lightly

All the way through your ruins, and not to lose

Any sleep over the dead, who surely

Will bury their own, don't worry.


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The other day, I recommended Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking” (scroll up). Would it be poislbse for me to retract that recommendation?:)It was pretty good for the first fifty or so pages, but after the first bc of the book, her style turns incredibly mannered and doesn't seem to fit the story she's trying to tell.She uses these refrains and repetitions to DEATH; it's like the deeper she gets into confronting her grief, the more she hides behind overly-stylistic musings like, I wanted more than a night of memories and sighs. I wanted to scream. I wanted him back. I mean, this kind of thing is okay if it's not on every other page! It is driving me nuts. It is driving me crazy. It is driving me away from the story. I would rather be driving than reading this book. But if I drove instead of reading this book, I would fail the class I’m reading this book for. I cannot drive. I must read this book instead of driving.(Ducking)

| Posted on 2013-11-11 | by a guest

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Your words have blessed me this mironng. I was having one of those mironngs where it was just blah, and kinda wanted to stay in bed. A few weeks ago my YouTube account was completely deleted because I closed my old G mail account and didn't realize it would delete all my videos attached to that account so I thank you soooo much for your words to me today because they have humbled me and have made me realize that it is not about all the hits/views on the videos but that if it touches even just one person that is all that matters!You are more then welcome, and yes, oh course you may share the video:) much thanks! ~~L

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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