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The Choice Analysis

Author: poem of Dorothy Parker Type: poem Views: 11

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He'd have given me rolling lands,

  Houses of marble, and billowing farms,

Pearls, to trickle between my hands,

  Smoldering rubies, to circle my arms.

You- you'd only a lilting song,

  Only a melody, happy and high,

You were sudden and swift and strong-

  Never a thought for another had I.

He'd have given me laces rare,

  Dresses that glimmered with frosty sheen,

Shining ribbons to wrap my hair,

  Horses to draw me, as fine as a queen.

You- you'd only to whistle low,

  Gayly I followed wherever you led.

I took you, and I let him go-

  Somebody ought to examine my head!


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"my stupid english teacher is making us do this so my analysis is that we should all go to sleep and yeah pretty much"
Me too

| Posted on 2017-03-23 | by a guest

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I am 14 years old, I can infer from this poem that life is always filled with difficult decisions. I could compare this poem to Robert Lee Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken". Both poems show that life has intriguing options. Even though this poem is mainly about love. Life is filled with choices concerning love. I believe that both poets wanted us the reader to understand the difficulties of this harsh world."The Choice" teaches me that love will always overpower the leisures of money. I believe that even though I am young, love is what drives me to wake up every morning. I still might be single but love thrives through me. I hope my words change someones perspective of life, espicially love.

| Posted on 2015-02-04 | by a guest

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my stupid english teacher is making us do this so my analysis is that we should all go to sleep and yeah pretty much

| Posted on 2014-02-18 | by a guest

.: :.

I\'m 12 years old and I also agree with what the previous commenters have said. This poem means that money doesn\'t matter in the end and that love is unpredictable and spontaneous. You can\'t know what will happen years from now but you know what you want now and sometimes you have to take a risky leap in love. This woman was being chased by two different suitors - one who is rich and another who is poor. She chose the poor one because she saw that he truly loved her and wasn\'t trying to buy her affection. In the end, however, she looks back and wonders why she chose that man in the first place. She believes it was a bad decision to not have stayed with the one who could\'ve offered her more. However, she didn\'t realize that if she had had a different choice in the beginning, she would be regretting that too. Whoever she chose, she would always regret it and wonder if she would\'ve been better off with the other one.

| Posted on 2011-11-28 | by a guest

.: :.

I am also a thirteen year old girl. I also believe that no matter how young a person is they understand love. Although some kids may be naive, they know the feeling. Adults put many limits on us, but I believe that they have gone to far by saying that a person our age doesn\'t understand love, because no one UNDERSTANDS it! but because we are young doesn\'t mean that we are incapable of feeling a strong passion (love) for another person. You are never to young to die, therefore you are never to young to be in love

| Posted on 2011-10-17 | by a guest

.: :.

I am a 16 year old girl and all I can say is that this poem has made a huge difference in my love life. Thank you!

| Posted on 2011-03-28 | by a guest

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I\'m 13 years old. I think that when many people tell my age that we\'ve no idea what love is, they\'re wrong sometimes. Yes, we are still young in many ways. However, some of us aren\'t children anymore. Somethings we even understand more then adults (and I don\'t mean Algebra 1). I was told many times that little girl like myself could never understand love. I think some adults don\'t know either. The woman here was able to see that no matter what one gave her, she\'d want the other always. A lot of people my age know this too. I\'m not concerned about possesions. I\'d rather be with someone whom I loved, not someone who loved me like a possesion of theirs. Please consider the words of a 13 year old girl. They might change you a little bit...

| Posted on 2010-12-14 | by a guest

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