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Going Home Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 3

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I'm goin' 'ome to Blighty -- ain't I glad to 'ave the chance!

I'm loaded up wiv fightin', and I've 'ad my fill o' France;

I'm feelin' so excited-like, I want to sing and dance,

    For I'm goin' 'ome to Blighty in the mawnin'.

I'm goin' 'ome to Blighty: can you wonder as I'm gay?

I've got a wound I wouldn't sell for 'alf a year o' pay;

A harm that's mashed to jelly in the nicest sort o' way,

    For it takes me 'ome to Blighty in the mawnin'.

'Ow everlastin' keen I was on gettin' to the front!

I'd ginger for a dozen, and I 'elped to bear the brunt;

But Cheese and Crust! I'm crazy, now I've done me little stunt,

    To sniff the air of Blighty in the mawnin'.

I've looked upon the wine that's white, and on the wine that's red;

I've looked on cider flowin', till it fairly turned me 'ead;

But oh, the finest scoff will be, when all is done and said,

    A pint o' Bass in Blighty in the mawnin'.

I'm goin' back to Blighty, which I left to strafe the 'Un;

I've fought in bloody battles, and I've 'ad a 'eap of fun;

But now me flipper's busted, and I think me dooty's done,

    And I'll kiss me gel in Blighty in the mawnin'.

Oh, there be furrin' lands to see, and some of 'em be fine;

And there be furrin' gels to kiss, and scented furrin' wine;

But there's no land like England, and no other gel like mine:

    Thank Gawd for dear old Blighty in the mawnin'.


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