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Flower Gardener Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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Gas got me in the first World War,

And all my mates at rest are laid.

I felt I might survive them for

I am a gardener by trade.

My life is in the open air,

And kindly is the work I do,

Since flowers are my joy and care,

                                And comfort too.

My flowers are a fairy sight,

Yes I'm an ugly, warped old man,

For I have lived in Fate's despite

A year beyond one's mortal span;

And owe my health no gentle toil

From dawn to dark, contented hours,

Of loving kinship with the soil,

                                A friend of flowers.

My dahlias are my pride today,

And many my creations be.

They're worth a fortune, people say,

But what does money mean to me?

Their glory is my rich reward,

And as their radiant heads they raise,

I dedicate them to the Lord,

                                With love and praise.

I grieve to think that sullen Powers

On bombs and guns their might depend;

If man had heart for growing flowers

Then would we all be friend and friend.

The glory of the world is his

Who seeks salvation in the sod,

And finds that golden sunshine is

                                The laugh of God.


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,when you told meyou didn’t love meand thought you naahrrevllyeadend wanted a divorceafter ten yearsand 2.6 children(because I wassix months pregnantwith boy number 3)the worst,very worstmomentin my life occurred.For about thirty seconds,that seemed a lot longer,my broken x my carto cross the center linejust in time to smash intothe oncoming traffic.And when our son kicked,in opposition, I imagined,I realized it justwouldn’t be fair.And then my naturaloptimismsprang to lifeand said “Things will get better. Some day. I promise.” And they did.Diana Terrill Clark

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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ConfessionIn love with love, I sorted trughoh the list,using a fountain pen, my finest penmanship,addressing both envelopes, fanning themuntil dry, sliding the engraved cream card,the tissue layer inside each to seal and stamp.My gown hung on the hook behind my door,like a disembodied angel, blessing my dreamsof happily ever after, set to Mendellsohn’sWedding March. Why did you choose thento confess to your own false heart. You,the model of the man I hoped to marry,had played false, giving away the heartthat wasn’t yours to give. Why tell me,then ask my not to tell you told? Absolutionwasn’t mine to give; and forgiveness requirespenitence at least, desire to set things right.Like the suicide’s gift to his offspring the possibility, the option you made merealize that happily isn’t always ever after.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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As it pinged my cousriities I had to read that last stanza a few times to absorb it. (I'm probably sleeping in too late during this holiday break)It can be an easy mistake to be held back with someone's world too tiny. Perhaps as we decide they can fill a void. But, we later realize (I know from experience:P) that we had to wait for something better because assuming we want someone to keep forever, we will feel empty in the near future if we're tied down by something so small. Compatibility .I guess I'm stating the obvious, but I like showing my appreciation for you work in comments. You're definitely a favorite of mine!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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This is a beautiful poem. Does anyone know the what the meter is for this poem?

| Posted on 2010-01-09 | by a guest

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