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Poem Catching Up With An Idea Analysis

Author: poem of Hayden Carruth Type: poem Views: 11

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Freedom is not to be proved but is rather a postulate

of action. Thus excellent Berdyaev,

who has meant much to me,

although I must shake my head and make a face

when he undertakes to explain

the Holy Ghost. We are unbelievers,

Cindy, which may be (I regularly

think it is) our misfortune. But we are still

existentialist lovers. Yes,

strange Soren Kierkegaard of Hamlet's province

would approve of us--well, somewhat--in our unchurchly


devotions. In Syracuse the rain falls every day,

or so it seems; the faces

of the good unchurchly burghers of Edgehill Road

are as bland as marshmallows and as puffy.

To live here, to love here,

as Jack our friend the Gilbert would say,

sighing, smiling,

requires an extraordinary knowledge of freedom,

unhistorical and reinvented by us here in every

act, as when I brought for you for a love token

the plastic sack of just sprouted lilies-of-the-valley

to plant around the steps of our arched doorway.

That was phenomenon, not poetry, not symbol, the act

without a proof, freedom-in-love.


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