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The Ox tamer Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 322

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IN a faraway northern county, in the placid, pastoral region,

Lives my farmer friend, the theme of my recitative, a famous Tamer of


There they bring him the three-year-olds and the four-year-olds, to

break them;

He will take the wildest steer in the world, and break him and tame


He will go, fearless, without any whip, where the young bullock

chafes up and down the yard;

The bullock's head tosses restless high in the air, with raging eyes;

Yet, see you! how soon his rage subsides--how soon this Tamer tames


See you! on the farms hereabout, a hundred oxen, young and old--and

he is the man who has tamed them;

They all know him--all are affectionate to him;

See you! some are such beautiful animals--so lofty looking!10

Some are buff color'd--some mottled--one has a white line running

along his back--some are brindled,

Some have wide flaring horns (a good sign)--See you! the bright


See, the two with stars on their foreheads--See, the round bodies and

broad backs;

See, how straight and square they stand on their legs--See, what

fine, sagacious eyes;

See, how they watch their Tamer--they wish him near them--how they

turn to look after him!

What yearning expression! how uneasy they are when he moves away from


--Now I marvel what it can be he appears to them, (books, politics,

poems depart--all else departs;)

I confess I envy only his fascination--my silent, illiterate friend,

Whom a hundred oxen love, there in his life on farms,

In the northern county far, in the placid, pastoral region.


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.: :.

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| Posted on 2017-01-27 | by a guest

.: the ox tamer :.

The Ox Tamer is about a young man who leaves his home, becomes a teacher and moves to the north to teach school and live his life as a long-term teacher in a northern community
He lives a long and fruitful life teaching children who grow up and come to remember their old teacher with some romanticism. He first broke them to the world of disciplined thought.

BOB GARRISON who ws sent this poem by my Great Aunt--herself a teacher, as he left to go to a Teaching Post in Burwasy Landing Yukon Territory 1979.

| Posted on 2005-09-28 | by Approved Guest

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