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To A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband Analysis

Author: Poetry of Phillis Wheatly Type: Poetry Views: 228

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GRIM monarch! see, depriv'd of vital breath,

A young physician in the dust of death:

Dost thou go on incessant to destroy,

Our griefs to double, and lay waste our joy?

Enough thou never yet wast known to say,

Though millions die, the vassals of thy sway:

Nor youth, nor science, not the ties of love,

Nor ought on earth thy flinty heart can move.

The friend, the spouse from his dire dart to save,

In vain we ask the sovereign of the grave.

Fair mourner, there see thy lov'd Leonard laid,

And o'er him spread the deep impervious shade.

Clos'd are his eyes, and heavy fetters keep

His senses bound in never-waking sleep,

Till time shall cease, till many a starry world

Shall fall from heav'n, in dire confusion hurl'd

Till nature in her final wreck shall lie,

And her last groan shall rend the azure sky:

Not, not till then his active soul shall claim

His body, a divine immortal frame.

But see the softly-stealing tears apace

Pursue each other down the mourner's face;

But cease thy tears, bid ev'ry sigh depart,

And cast the load of anguish from thine heart:

From the cold shell of his great soul arise,

And look beyond, thou native of the skies;

There fix thy view, where fleeter than the wind

Thy Leonard mounts, and leaves the earth behind.

Thyself prepare to pass the vale of night

To join for ever on the hills of light:

To thine embrace this joyful spirit moves

To thee, the partner of his earthly loves;

He welcomes thee to pleasures more refin'd,

And better suited to th' immortal mind.


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Essentially, this poem is a reassurance from the speaker to the lady, that her husband is in a better place. The first stanza contains the speakers addressal to death onferring upon him, the title of a Grim Monarch\' who brings nothing but sadness. The speaker accepts the finality of death but nonetheless still kaments the loss of a good human being. The following stanza is an instant shift of subject to the consolation of him wife. The speaker assures the dead man\'s wife that as per christian belief, a good man\'s sould would rest in heaven, a place \'better suited to th\' immortal mind\".

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