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Sonnet LXXXI Analysis

Author: Poetry of Edmund Spenser Type: Poetry Views: 219

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Fayre is my loue, when her fayre golden heares,

with the loose wynd ye wauing chance to marke:

fayre when the rose in her red cheekes appeares,

or in her eyes the fyre of loue does sparke.

Fayre when her brest lyke a rich laden barke,

with pretious merchandize she forth doth lay:

fayre whe[n] that cloud of pryde, which oft doth dark

her goodly light with smiles she driues away.

But fayrest she, when so she doth display,

the gate with pearles and rubyes richly dight:

throgh which her words so wise do make their way

to beare the message of her gentle spright,

The rest be works of natures wonderment,

but this the worke of harts astonishment.


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