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Quebec Analysis

Author: Poetry of John McCrae Type: Poetry Views: 317

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Of old, like Helen, guerdon of the strong --

Like Helen fair, like Helen light of word, --

"The spoils unto the conquerors belong.

Who winneth me must win me by the sword."

Grown old, like Helen, once the jealous prize

That strong men battled for in savage hate,

Can she look forth with unregretful eyes,

Where sleep Montcalm and Wolfe beside her gate?


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Hi,Sheila! It is Ira from Ukraine is writing to you. I am a raeulgr reader of your articles for Vikitravel Site. I want to say THANK YOU for your wanderful writing works, for giving us the possibility to penetrate into Canadian soul and for your attitude towards the world. I liked your Remembrance Day so much that decided to write to you.My beloved grandpa was a veteran of WW2. When he was alive, we had visited our local military cemetery at list once a year. He told me a lot of amazing factual stories about the War. Now, as most people in Ukraine, I am too busy to visit our war dead. It is a very sad fact, but every May 9-th ( that's our November 11-th) I tell my children about their great grandfather's participation in WW2. I think they will be able to pass those memories to the next generations of ours. Thank you once more. I look forward to reading new stories from you. I wish you to have many sources of inspiration every day. Peace.Love.Strong hug. Ira.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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What is up with no Showtime After Dark??? That s a HUGE mistake CBS not chosoing to air on Showtime. I have always recorded that so I could watch it every day after work. SO not the same without being able to watch that. OH YEA, you can watch it on TVGN REALLY?? It's all bleeping and you have the TV guide scrolling along the bottom of the screen and THAT REALLY makes for good TV. WHO EVER LOOKS AT TVGN didn't even know that was still around anymore. Come on CBS, put it back on Showtime or you may lose a very loyal BB watcher.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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it was finally lnttieg myself grieve. That I had taken care of my mom, hubby, my kids, and my dad but not myself during such a sad and hard time. He put me on all type of anti-depressants, anxiety pills, sleep aides, etc. I took them about two weeks and felt numb. That's the last thing I wanted to feel, especially as my kids were feeling the pain of losing their grandpa and my mom still coping with the loss of a husband. Its been 3 yrs and still today I'm crying as I'm writing this. I miss him. My mom and I are making a quilt out of all his shirts( he had a thing about long sleeved corderouy button downs lol), I even kept a bar of soap that he used in one of those plastic soap containers, and once in a while I'll spray the container with his cologne because my Dad always smelled so good when he got ready.My point is it took me almost a year to grieve, right now you are having to fight these emotions because of lil Pop Rocks ( my nickname for Poppy because like her brother she is going to be spicy, bubbly and bring so much joy), I think your kind of a pressure cooker right now only lnttieg off a lil steam along the way, don't be suprised when Poppy is born that tidal waves of emotion flow through you.Well enough of me rambling, time to get my 2 boys up and start getting ready for school. Good luck today Maya, you'll find the perfect gift. (((hugs))) always KristinePS sorry about sharing my story. It palesin comparison to losing Ronan.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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