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The Town Between the Hills Analysis

Author: Poetry of Katherine Mansfield Type: Poetry Views: 160

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The further the little girl leaped and ran,

The further she longed to be;

The white, white fields of jonquil flowers

Danced up as high as her knee

And flashed and sparkled before her eyes

Until she could hardly see.

So into the wood went she.

It was quiet in the wood,

It was solemn and grave;

A sound like a wave

Sighed in the tree-tops

And then sighed no more.

But she was brave,

And the sky showed through

A bird's-egg blue,

And she saw

A tiny path that was running away

Over the hills to--who can say?

She ran, too.

But then the path broke,

Then the path ended

And wouldn't be mended.

A little old man

Sat on the edge,

Hugging the hedge.

He had a fire

And two eggs in a pan

And a paper poke

Of pepper and salt;

So she came to a halt

To watch and admire:

Cunning and nimble was he!

"May I help, if I can, little old man?"

"Bravo!" he said,

"You may dine with me.

I've two old eggs

From two white hens

and a loaf from a kind ladie:

Some fresh nutmegs,

Some cutlet ends

In pink and white paper frills:


A little hot-pot

From the town between the hills."

He nodded his head

And made her a sign

To sit under the spray

Of a trailing vine.

But when the little girl joined her hands

And said the grace she had learned to say,

The little old man gave two dreadful squeals

And she just saw the flash of his smoking heels

As he tumbled, tumbled,

With his two old eggs

From two white hens,

His loaf from a kind ladie,

The fresh nutmegs,

The cutlet-ends

In the pink and white paper frills.

And away rumbled

The little hot-pot,

So much too hot,

From the ton between the hills.


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