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Opposites Analysis

Author: Poetry of Katherine Mansfield Type: Poetry Views: 194

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The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child

Walked out into the street

And splashed in all the pubbles till

She had such shocking feet

The Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child

Stayed quietly in the house

And sat upon the fender stool

As still as any mouse.

The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child

Her hands were black as ink;

She would come running through the house

And begging for a drink.

The Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child

Her hands were white as snow;

She did not like to play around,

She only liked to sew.

The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child

Lost hair ribbons galore;

She dropped them on the garden walks,

She dropped them on the floor.

The Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child

O thoughtful little girl!

She liked to walk quite soberly,

It kept her hair in curl.

The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child

When she was glad or proud

Just flung her arms round Mother's neck

And kissed her very loud.

The Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child

Was shocked at such a sight,

She only offered you her cheek

At morning and at night.

O Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child

Your happy laughing face

Does like a scented Summer rose

Make sweet the dullest place.

O Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child

My dear, I'm well content

To have my daughter in my arms,

And not an ornament.


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