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Princesse Loysa Drawing Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Lovelace Type: Poetry Views: 175

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I saw a little Diety,

MINERVA in epitomy,

Whom VENUS, at first blush, surpris'd,

Tooke for her winged wagge disguis'd.

But viewing then, whereas she made

Not a distrest, but lively shade

Of ECCHO whom he had betrayd,

Now wanton, and ith' coole oth' Sunne

With her delight a hunting gone,

And thousands more, whom he had slaine;

To live and love, belov'd againe:

Ah! this is true divinity!

I will un-God that toye! cri'd she;

Then markt she SYRINX running fast

To Pan's imbraces, with the haste

Shee fled him once, whose reede-pipe rent

He finds now a new Instrument.

THESEUS return'd invokes the Ayre

And windes, then wafts his faire;

Whilst ARIADNE ravish't stood

Half in his armes, halfe in the flood.

Proud ANAXERETE doth fall

At IPHIS feete, who smiles at all:

And he (whilst she his curles doth deck)

Hangs no where now, but on her neck.

Here PHOEBUS with a beame untombes

Long-hid LEUCOTHOE, and doomes

Her father there; DAPHNE the faire

Knowes now no bayes but round her haire;

And to APOLLO and his Sons,

Who pay him their due Orisons,

Bequeaths her lawrell-robe, that flame

Contemnes, Thunder and evill Fame.

There kneel'd ADONIS fresh as spring,

Gay as his youth, now offering

Herself those joyes with voice and hand,

Which first he could not understand.

Transfixed VENUS stood amas'd,

Full of the Boy and Love, she gaz'd,

And in imbraces seemed more

Senceless and colde then he before.

Uselesse Childe!In vaine (said she)

You beare that fond artillerie;

See heere a pow'r above the slow

Weake execution of thy bow.

So said, she riv'd the wood in two,

Unedged all his arrowes too,

And with the string their feathers bound

To that part, whence we have our wound.

See, see! the darts by which we burn'd

Are bright Loysa's pencills turn'd,

With which she now enliveth more

Beauties, than they destroy'd before.


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