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Says Analysis

Author: Poetry of Walt Whitman Type: Poetry Views: 651

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I SAY whatever tastes sweet to the most perfect person, that is

finally right.

I say nourish a great intellect, a great brain;

If I have said anything to the contrary, I hereby retract it.

I say man shall not hold property in man;

I say the least developed person on earth is just as important and

sacred to himself or herself, as the most developed person is

to himself or herself.

I say where liberty draws not the blood out of slavery, there slavery

draws the blood out of liberty,

I say the word of the good old cause in These States, and resound it

hence over the world.

I say the human shape or face is so great, it must never be made


I say for ornaments nothing outre can be allowed,

And that anything is most beautiful without ornament,10

And that exaggerations will be sternly revenged in your own

physiology, and in other persons' physiology also;

And I say that clean-shaped children can be jetted and conceived only

where natural forms prevail in public, and the human face and

form are never caricatured;

And I say that genius need never more be turned to romances,

(For facts properly told, how mean appear all romances.)

I say the word of lands fearing nothing--I will have no other land;

I say discuss all and expose all--I am for every topic openly;

I say there can be no salvation for These States without innovators--

without free tongues, and ears willing to hear the tongues;

And I announce as a glory of These States, that they respectfully

listen to propositions, reforms, fresh views and doctrines,

from successions of men and women,

Each age with its own growth.

I have said many times that materials and the Soul are great, and

that all depends on physique;20

Now I reverse what I said, and affirm that all depends on the

ęsthetic or intellectual,

And that criticism is great--and that refinement is greatest of all;

And I affirm now that the mind governs--and that all depends on the


With one man or woman--(no matter which one--I even pick out the


With him or her I now illustrate the whole law;

I say that every right, in politics or what-not, shall be eligible to

that one man or woman, on the same terms as any.


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| Posted on 2017-02-09 | by a guest

.: Equality :.

This appears to be highly romanistic. Speaks of how even the least developed beings and the highest developed beings (everything from bees to plants to humans) are equally important and unique to themselves. He speaks of equality that is becoming in the United States, as an example. He says there is an equality in persons and that rights should be equally the same for all for what he seems to edge towards - voting rights. As there were disputes on only men being allowed to vote and a push towards woman's sufferage. He argues they are on the same terms as any.

He cheers for the democratic ways of listening to REFORM and new ideas. Romantists were heavy into believing reform should occur A.S.A.P.. I think he gives good advice, about listening in our democratic society. Democracy will not work if we do not listen, make educated decisions, and vote in elections and maybe polls.


| Posted on 2005-10-10 | by RequiemOfDreams

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