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Quinti Catuli. Analysis

Author: Poetry of Richard Lovelace Type: Poetry Views: 430

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Constiteram exorientem Auroram forte salutans,

Cum subito a laeva Roscius exoritur.

Pace mihi liceat, coelestes, dicere vestra.

Mortalis visu pulchrior esse deo.

Blanditur puero satyrus vultuque manuque;

Nolenti similis retrahit ora puer:

Quem non commoveat, quamvis de marmore? fundit

Pene preces satyrus, pene puer lachrymas.


As once I bad good morning to the day,

O' th' sudden Roscius breaks in a bright ray:

Gods with your favour, I've presum'd to see

A mortal fairer then a deitie.

With looks and hands a satyre courts the boy,

Who draws back his unwilling cheek as coy.

Although of marble hewn, whom move not they?

The boy ev'n seems to weep, the satyre, pray.


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