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Recollections Of Love Analysis

Author: Poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Type: Poetry Views: 608

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How warm this woodland wild Recess !

Love surely hath been breathing here ;

And this sweet bed of heath, my dear !

Swells up, then sinks with faint caress,

As if to have you yet more near.


Eight springs have flown, since last I lay

On sea-ward Quantock's heathy hills,

Where quiet sounds from hidden rills

Float hear and there, like things astray,

And high o'er head the sky-lark shrills.


No voice as yet had made the air

Be music with your name ; yet why

That asking look ? that yearning sigh ?

That sense of promise every where ?

Belovéd ! flew your spirit by ?


As when a mother doth explore

The rose-mark on her long-lost child,

I met, I loved you, maiden mild !

As whom I long had loved before--

So deeply had I been beguiled.


You stood before me like a thought,

A dream remembered in a dream.

But when those meek eyes first did seem

To tell me, Love within you wrought--

O Greta, dear domestic stream !


Has not, since then, Love's prompture deep,

Has not Love's whisper evermore

Been ceaseless, as thy gentle roar ?

Sole voice, when other voices sleep,

Dear under-song in clamor's hour.


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