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Puzzle Analysis

Author: Poetry of Charles Bukowski Type: Poetry Views: 390

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I was driving on the freeway

Listening to the radio

When the newscaster announced

That a car had crashed through

A guard rail and

Down into a body of water

And the occupant was apparently drowned.Then there was a taped

Conversation with a police


"I don't really understand

This one. I don't see how

She could have driven through

That heavy rail. The visibility

Was perfect. The doors were locked and

The windows were

Up which indicates

That she was alone. This one

Really puzzles me..."I didn't understand why the

Doors and windows told

Him that she was alone:

Possibly something he learned

At the Police Academy?Anyhow

I have a favorite spot

Picked out

Down near Del Mar.

The railing looks weak and

There's an 80 foot drop

Straight down the cliff


Into the ocean

I may never use it

But it's nice to know

That it's there.(I intend to have a 5th

Of whiskey at my lips,

The radio playing classical


And I will break through

That railing


Launching the car

High up

Over the water...)The radio then informed me that

The driver was

In her early twenties

Name being withheld until

Notification of her next of


I switched stations then

To where a man was



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Bukowski yet again copes with the suicide and insanity of himself. The sardonic humor lays in the for-given knowledge that we are all insane, all a little suicidal. The woman, in her tweenties, watched for the weaknesses in the world, in the rail.
Bukowski does the same, all of the time. He knows the pathetic struggle man wages against himself and what he suspects there should be in life, and then heads to the nearst liquor store. The point of Bukowski's writing is the Hemmingway hero theory, that men especially live by. Everyman must be his own savior, his own hero. In hemmingways case, he had to win the mental war, and if he couldn't he would kill himself, and he did.
Bukowski's "I have a favorite spot
Picked out
Down near Del Mar.
The railing looks weak and
There's an 80 foot drop
Straight down the cliff
Into the ocean"
is jis way out, his savior. Bukowski and Hemmingway are very much alike, besides the fact that Bukowski dwells on death more frequently, and then drowns the thoughts with his fifth of whiskey.

Jonathan Fleissner

| Posted on 2005-03-23 | by Approved Guest

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