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The Aristocrat Analysis

Author: Poetry of G.K. Chesterton Type: Poetry Views: 149

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The Devil is a gentleman and askes you down to stay

At his little place at What'sitsname (it isn't far away).

They say the sport is splendid; there is always something new,

And fairy scenes, and fearful feats that none but he can do;

He can shoot the feathered cherubs if they fly on the estate,

Or fish for Father Neptune with the mermaids for a bait;

He scaled amid the staggering stars that precipice the sky,

And blew his trumpet above heaven, and got by mastery

The starry crown of God Himself and shoved it on the shelf;

But the devil is a gentleman, and doesn't brag himself.O blind your eyes and break your heart and hack your hand away,

And lose your love and shave your head; but do not go to stay

At the little place in What'hitsname where folks are rich and clever;

The golden and the goodly house, where things grow worse forever;

There are things you need not know of, though you live and die in vain,

There are souls more sick of pleasure than you are sick of pain;

There is a game of April Fool that's played behind its door,

Where the fool remains forever and April comes no more,

Where the splendor of the daylight grows drearier than the dark,

And life droops like a vulture that once was such a lark:

And that is the Blue Devil, that once was the Blue Bird;

For the Devil is a gentleman, and doesn't keep his word


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