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The Merry Guide Analysis

Author: Poetry of A.E. Housman Type: Poetry Views: 300

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Once in the wind of morningI ranged the thymy wold;

The world-wide air was azureAnd all the brooks ran gold.There through the dews beside meBehold a youth that trod,

With feathered cap on forehead,And poised a golden rod.With mien to match the morningAnd gay delightful guise

And friendly brows and laughterHe looked me in the eyes.Oh whence, I asked, and whither?He smiled and would not say,

And looked at me and beckonedAnd laughed and led the way.And with kind looks and laughterAnd nought to say beside

We two went on together,I and my happy guide.Across the glittering pasturesAnd empty upland still

And solitude of shepherdsHigh in the folded hill,By hanging woods and hamletsThat gaze through orchards down

On many a windmill turningAnd far-discovered town,With gay regards of promiseAnd sure unslackened stride

And smiles and nothing spokenLed on my merry guide.By blowing realms of woodlandWith sunstruck vanes afield

And cloud-led shadows sailingAbout the windy weald,By valley-guarded grangesAnd silver waters wide,

Content at heart I followedWith my delightful guide.And like the cloudy shadowsAcross the country blown

We two fare on for ever,But not we two alone.With the great gale we journeyThat breathes from gardens thinned,

Borne in the drift of blossomsWhose petals throng the wind;Buoyed on the heaven-heard whisperOf dancing leaflets whirled

>From all the woods that autumnBereaves in all the world.And midst the fluttering legionOf all that ever died

I follow, and before usGoes the delightful guide,With lips that brim with laughterBut never once respond,

And feet that fly on feathers,And serpent-circled wand.


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