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The Fury Of Beautiful Bones Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Sexton Type: Poetry Views: 195

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The Death Notebooks1974Sing me a thrush, bone.Sing me a nest of cup and pestle.Sing me a sweetbread fr an old grandfather.Sing me a foot and a doorknob, for you are my love.Oh sing, bone bag man, sing.Your head is what I remember that Augustyyou were in love with another woman buttaht didn't matter. I was the gury of yourbones, your fingers long and nubby, yourforehead a beacon, bare as marble and I worriedyou like an odor because you had not quite forgotten,bone bag man, garlic in the North End,the book you dedicated, naked as a fish,naked as someone drowning into his own mouth.I wonder, Mr. Bone man, what you're thinkingof your fury now, gone sour as a sinking whale,crawling up the alphabet on her own bones.Am I in your ear still singing songs in the rain,me of the death rattle, me of the magnolias,me of the sawdust tavern at the city's edge.Women have lovely bones, arms, neck, thighand I admire them also, but your bonessupersede loveliness. They are the toughones that get broken and reset. I just can'tanswer for you, only for your bones,round rulers, round nudgers, round poles,numb nubkins, the sword of sugar.I feel the skull, Mr. Skeleton, living itsown life in its own skin.


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