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Sources Of The Delaware Analysis

Author: Poetry of Dean Young Type: Poetry Views: 221

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Skid2001I love you he said but saying it took twenty years

so it was like listening to mountains grow.

I love you she says fifty times into a balloon

then releases the balloon into a room

whose volume she calculated to fit

the breath it would take to read

the complete works of Charlotte Bronte aloud.

Someone else pours green dust into the entryway

and puts rice paper on the floor.The door

is painted black.On the clothesline

shirttails snap above the berserk daffodils.

Hoagland says you've got to plunge the sword

into the charging bull.You've got

to sew yourself into a suit of light.

For the vacuum tube, it's easy,

just heat the metal to incandescence

and all that dark energy becomes radiance.

A kind of hatching, syntactic and full of buzz.

No contraindications, no laws forbidding

buying gin on Sundays.No if you're pregnant,

if you're operating heavy machinery because

who isn't towing the scuttled tonnage

of some self?Sometimes just rubbing

her feet is enough.Just putting out

a new cake of soap.Sure, the contents

are under pressure and everyone knows

that last step was never intended to bear

any weight but isn't that why we're standing there?

Ripples in her hair, I love you she hollers

over the propellers.Yellow scarf in mist.

When I planted all those daffodils,

I didn't know I was planting them

in my own chest.Play irretrievably

with the lid closed, Satie wrote on the score.

But Hoagland says he's sick of opening

the door each morning not on diamonds

but piles of coal, and he's sick of being

responsible for the eons of pressure needed

and the sea is sick of being responsible

for the rain, and the river is sick of the sea.

So the people who need the river

to float waste to New Jersey

throw in antidepressants.So the river

is still sick but nervous now too,

its legs keep thrashing out involuntarily,

flooding going concerns, keeping the president

awake.So the people throw in beta-blockers

to make it sleep which it does, sort of,

dreaming it's a snake again but this time

with fifty heads belching ammonia

which is nothing like the dreams it once had

of children splashing in the blue of its eyes.

So the president gets on the airways

with positive vectors and vows

to give every child a computer

but all this time, behind the podium,

his penis is shouting, Put me in, Coach,

I can be the river!So I love you say

the flashbulbs but then the captions

say something else.I love you says

the hammer to the nail.I love Tamescha

someone sprays across the For Sale sign.

So I tell Hoagland it's a fucked-up ruined

world in such palatial detail, he's stuck

for hours on the phone.Look at those crows,

they think they're in on the joke and

they don't love a thing.They think

they have to be that black to keep

all their radiance inside.I love you

the man says as his mother dies

so now nothing ties him to the earth,

not fistfuls of dirt, not the silly songs

he remembers singing as a child.

I love you I say meaning lend me twenty bucks.


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