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Preamble (A Rough Draft For An Ars Poetica) Analysis

Author: Poetry of Jean Cocteau Type: Poetry Views: 416

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The Cape of Good Hope1919...PreambleA rough draftfor an ars poetica.......Let's get our dreams unstuckThe grain of rye

free from the prattle of grass

et loin de arbres orateursIplantitItwill sproutBut forget aboutthe rustic festivitiesFor the explosive wordfalls harmlessly

eternal through

the compact generationsand except for younothingdenotatesits sweet-scented dynamiteGreetings

I discard eloquence

the empty sail

and the swollen sail

which cause the shipto lose her courseMy ink nicks

and thereand thereand thereand

theresleepsdeep poetryThe mirror-paneled wardrobewashing down ice-floes

the little eskimo girldreaming

in a heapof moist negroes

her nose wasflattened

against the window-paneof dreary ChristmasesA white bear

adorned with chromatic moiredries himself in the midnight sunLinersThe huge luxury itemSlowly founders

all its lights aglowand so

sinks the evening-dress ball

into the thousand mirrorsof the palace hotelAnd now

it is Ithe thin Columbus of phenomena

alonein the frontof a mirror-paneled wardrobe

full of linen

and locking with a keyThe obstinate miner

of the void


his fertile minethe potential in the rough


mingling with its white rockOhprincess of the mad sleep

listen to my hornand my pack of houndsI deliver you

from the forest

where we came upon the spellHere we are

by the pen

one with the other


on the pageIslessobs of AriadneAriadnesdraggingalongAridnessealsfor I betray you my fair stanzas

torun and awaken

elsewhereI plan no architectureSimply


like youBeethovenblind

like you


numberless old manborn everywhereI elaborate

in the prairies of inner

silenceand the work of the mission

and the poem of the work

and the stanza of the poem

and the group of the stanza

and the words of the group

and the letters of the word

andthe least

loop of the lettersit's your foot

of attentive satin

that I place in position


tightrope walker

sucked up by the voidto the leftto the right

the god gives a shake

and I walk

towards the other sidewith infinite precaution


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