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We dream-it is good we are dreaming Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 291

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We dream-it is good we are dreaming-

It would hurt us-were we awake-

But since it is playing-kill us,

And we are playing-shriek-What harm? Men die-externally-

It is a truth-of Blood-

But we-are dying in Drama-

And Drama-is never dead-Cautious-We jar each other-

And either-open the eyes-

Lest the Phantasm-prove the Mistake-

And the livid SurpriseCool us to Shafts of Granite-

With just an Age-and Name-

And perhaps a phrase in Egyptian-

It's prudenter-to dream-


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Happy New Year, Phyllis! I love it when you stop by to grace these pages! Thank you for your visits here.I had never thuoght of the simplicity of my expression until I began this blog and comments such as yours appeared. Now when I hear this description I smile & thank God for the manner in which He has chosen to speak through me.BEing comfortable with who we are; just as we are, comes, I believe, when we are comfortable BEing One with the One. I am comfortable with this, indeed!Seeing your DIVINE expression glorifying God in magnificent ways in this New Year, Phyllis. As you alone can & do!! Beautifully!Til' next time.Love to you.

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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