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God made a little Gentian Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 319

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God made a little Gentian-

It tried-to be a Rose-

And failed-and all the Summer laughed-

But just before the SnowsThere rose a Purple Creature-

That ravished all the Hill-

And Summer hid her Forehead-

And Mockery-was still-The Frosts were her condition-

The Tyrian would not come

Until the North-invoke it-

Creator-Shall I-bloom?


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.: analysis by lockeiii :.

The poem has a gradual change in the tone and ED uses a developing flower as a metaphor for how the community perceives her. These metaphors are also used to express the imagery that comes to her mind when she thinks of the community. The constant referance to flower which is a metaphor for ed. she wants to be a rose but all she can be is a little gentian. The summer is a metaphor for the community “ and all the summer laughed”.

The tone of the poem change with the metaphor, and the imagery. ED uses a transition of colour. From bluish purple(gentian) to purple (the creature) then almost to red saying creator shall I bloom? becoming the rose. This last sentence here leaves the reader with a question shall I bloom, shall I become accepted by society.

| Posted on 2005-04-06 | by Approved Guest

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