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Overture To A Dance Of Locomotives Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Carlos Williams Type: Poetry Views: 527

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Sour Grapes1921Men with picked voices chant the namesof cities in a huge gallery: promisesthat pull through descending stairwaysto a deep rumbling.The rubbing feetof those coming to be carried quicken agrey pavement into soft light that rocksto and fro, under the domed ceiling,across and across from paleearthcolored walls of bare limestone.Covertly the hands of a great clockgo round and round! Were they tomove quickly and at once the wholesecret would be out and the shufflingof all ants be done forever.A leaning pyramid of sunlight, narrowingout at a high window, moves by the clock:disaccordant hands straining out froma center: inevitable postures infinitelyrepeated-two-twofour-twoeight!Porters in red hats run on narrow platforms.This way ma'am!-important not to takethe wrong train!Lights from the concreteceiling hang crooked but-Poised horizontalon glittering parallels the dingy cylinderspacked with a warm glow-inviting entry-pull against the hour. But brakes canhold a fixed posture till-The whistle!Not twoeight. Not twofour. Two!Gliding windows. Colored cooks sweatingin a small kitchen. Taillights-In time: twofour!In time: twoeight!-rivers are tunneled: trestlescross oozy swampland: wheels repeatingthe same gesture remain relativelystationary: rails forever parallelreturn on themselves infinitely.The dance is sure.


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