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A solemn thing-it was-I said Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 278

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A solemn thing-it was-I said-

A woman-white-to be-

And wear-if God should count me fit-

Her blameless mystery-A hallowed thing-to drop a life

Into the purple well-

Too plummetless-that it return-

Eternity-until-I pondered how the bliss would look-

And would it feel as big-

When I could take it in my hand-

As hovering-seen-through fog-And then-the size of this "small" life-

The Sages-call it small-

Swelled-like Horizons-in my vest-

And I sneered-softly-"small"!


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.: :.

Not all are good in little old Denmark, but it does sure look bteter then all the other nations around us.But we losing it tbh...Can i seek Asylum in the USA if it all goes into jugo/libanon? Kindest regards:Mads from DenmarkPs: only thing cheap here is beer! =) thats good (IMO)

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

.: :.

Hey Geri! What an awesome way to begin and end your Holy Pause. The video is garhpic, but I think we *need* to get an understanding of what our Savior endured for us. One of my former pastors used to read a medical report of what Jesus would've been going through during the time leading up to the cross, then on the cross itself. It was quite impactful. I'm thankful for God's great love too! I can't imagine sacrificing my child either. I can't imagine that amount of love! I also can't imagine that amount of obedience on Jesus' part. You have a Blessed Resurrection Weekend too!

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

.: :.

Good Friday Candace! AMEN and AMEN! I was thinking the same last night, that it never gets old. I could never read the atcouncs of the crucifixion and NOT be moved. I could NEVER take it for granted. I'm saddened when I simply read that they SPIT on Him and SLAPPED Him. He could've asked His father to send legions of angels in His defense and we know what ONE angel can do, as seen when Assyria came against Judah. But He endured the suffering for us. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.” Hallelujah! x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

.: :.

Happy Good Friday Kim and Blog Fam! I am thankful for God. When I read the title of this blog, A Holy Pause that's eatxlcy what I had today. Of course I'm off on Fridays and bec it's Good Friday, the kids were off too :) I had exactly that when I woke up. I woke up struggling out of bed at noon, wanting more sleep, but I decided to stay up. Usually as soon as I wake up, I start cleaning my room, washing clothes and moving around on Fri, but today was diff, not bec it was Godd Friday , just because it was a good Friday. I don't thikn yall cauught that, I'm preacing now, lol. He woke me up in a sound mind, with peace and I am able to walk talk and sing praises and that's eatxlcy what I did! I spent ateast a good solid hour in God's presence and in his WOrd. Man that feels good and is good for the Spirit, body and Soul. SO I'm thankful for who God is in my life. I'm also thankful for a clean, good smelling room :) Hope you ladies have a very Happy Easter .Enjoy your families, food and fellowship with the Lord. I love you all like my own :)

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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